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ava | sea do | (latest update)
it is crazy what a meal can get you these days. josh shows us how to turn a cheap lunch into a trip on the yacht and and a little anal sea adventure. meet ava. she is our little pennsylvanian landlubber in town for a few days. we gave her a tour of the high seas and she let josh tour her pussy and ass. her mouth was the jump off point as she swabbed his knob on the lower deck. download this movie!
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it was a joint effort as josh gave her shaved pussy twenty lashes with his tongue for an attempted mutiny. once he got that mutiny thing under control he attacked her pussy with his plank. having thoroughly shown her that disobedience will not be tolerated he checked out her poop deck. ava has an ass that will make an onion cry. after an intense probing all was found to be in order at her rear so he dispatched his little seamen to keep an eye on things...make sure no more uprisings occur before they got back to land.
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