updated with all original fun from
the other side of the pond...
i took tony and renato to the ice skating rink with hopes of meeting some finer women than we have been hanging out with lately. i figured any hot euro chicks we met out there would be wishing they had a man to hang on to so they would not be kissing the ice. but as expected, it was tony and renato that were flying up and down the rink, on their asses not their skates. luckily for us, the plan came to life when kendra and missy felt bad and decided to help my two jerk off friends. they played it to the fullest, bringing the girls down on top of them as they fell on the ice time after time. i guess they got really familiar, because there were not any issues with heading back to the flat to have some stable on the bed fun. let me tell you, these barely legal broads had killer bodies. nice handful sized perky round boobs and great bubble butts to match were enough to get me going. then the cock sucking started. oh man that was intense.
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