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name:  allyson   age:  26    screenname:  showmemore

likes:  meeting guys, and playing with their minds!  :p  sike
dislikes:  immature guys and girls
favorite food:  cheeseburgers!  definitely!!!!
favorite time of day:   any time that i can possibly get laid!   i'll take some right now....  :p

about me i'm kind of nervous about this, so please bear with me. i will post a couple of pictures, i don't think either of us are here to look at naughty vids though :)   the reason i use the net to meet people is that i just do not have the time to go out and try to meet mr right. it's quite difficult to meet the right man, there is the workplace, but i would rather separate my professional and personal life. i don't know about you but since i posted a few ads online i got to meet very interesting people as well as very very weird ones.

i am single, divorced actually.  i have a very good job and am not looking for money or gifts. i do travel quite a bit and it tends to be very lonely when you are on a business trip. i love to meet people, it's part of my work actually. i am very outgoing and know how to take care of myself.

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hope u like these pics...  :)  i took them last night!  :p    click here to see more!!!

i'm just lookin for a good time...   come check me out here at this link!

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