pure 18 presents: "stephanie" in "wet dreams"
cute little stephanie decided to stop by and visit and once again have some fun. she really enjoyed the way reno had his way with her tight skinny frame. she couldnt help but tell her gal pal alexis how strong and muscular he was and how he knew exactly how to please a girl. alexis was intrigued by stephanies explicit story of pure 18 hijinks and decided to get in on all the rowdy fun. this time reno wasted no time and got them to ride him hard. he got so riled up he picked up stephanie high above his head and started teasing her perfectly wet snatch with his tongue. she admitted having many wet dreams about reno after their first encounter so this time i think she will be slipping into a post coital coma. alexis wont be too far behind bemused by the brawny beast known as reno...click here for more
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