huge movie pass presents milf hunter
name: genice        starring in episode "on the hunt"
in case you didn't know this already but a premium hunting ground for milfs is supermarkets. yup, and if you go just a little before closing time its even better. reason being that when they go this late the usually just throw something quick on, or even just leave their pajamas on...usually with no bra under. when they go late at night its usually cuz they just ran out of milk or some shit. anyways that was today's lesson... lol. me though i went in the afternoon and bagged me...pun intended...a blonde milf who happened to have the kids at grandmas at the time. her tall fucking legs is what pulled me over and her sweet fucking breasts is what kept me locked on. given her height her breast were at my eye level... i fucking love that. i had to suck on those asap. so when we got to the car i already licking em up. when we got home i did everything else plus some more licking. be sure you sign up to get the full photos & videos to this update... enjoy these photos >>>>
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