in case you haven't heard i have an apartment that i like to lure people into with the promise of a rent free stay.  what happens is, i place an ad in the paper and once they show up to check it out i offer them a deal.  they can stay rent free but they have to allow me to film them during their stay.  that includes all sexual activity and if i get a single girl i am all to happy to do the job or find a friend willing to fuck a desperate babe.  here is just a sample of one of my past room mates so be sure to stop by and check out the other tenant's photos and videos.  

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stayed:      feb. 2 to feb. 7
they got:   free room and board
we got:     them fucking
it was a rainy day here in the dam and chuckie and i were just laying back burning a joint when myli and vic rang the door. they said "mmm...smells real good in there!"  so we laughed and invited them in, told them the deal and sparked up again. about half way through the joint i asked myli what she thought about the deal and she said "suck vic's cock and slide his hard pole in my pussy for a free place to stay? its a no brainer!"  ahhh, the sweet smell of victory...

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