girl's name: deisy  / update name: tour_de_pants / movie: 50 minutes
this hunter aka lance dickstrong, the all time champion of the tour de pants. deisy was a cycling trainer and once i saw her in biker shorts i all of a sudden became an instant expert. i told her we should go cycling one day and made a date. i rushed out to the sporting goods store and decked myself out so i could at least look like i knew what i was doing. i think i fooled her but what gave it away was the beer cans in place of the water bottles. we stopped while cycling in the park and i made my way to the bushes. i made believe i was taking a leak but in actuality i just wanted her to come and play with me inside the bushes. she caught on quick and all the charm i had been laying on thick paid off. after a little scare with one of the perverted, eavesdropping park rangers, we decided to take it back to my place where she showed me how well she can grip a handle bar. she sucked on me hard and fast and then jumped right on my cock.

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