girl's name: megan  / update bone-appetite / movie:45 minutes
bon jour guys. sean here with another milf that is guaranteed to please your appetite. i ate at a fancy restaurant the other night and asked to see the chef to give my compliments. when megan came out i was floored to see such a hot piece of ass with amazing skill in the kitchen. i rolled by the next afternoon to ask her to teach me how to cook the same entree. it took some wheeling and dealing because she said she didnt do private lessons, but i knew there was something cooking between us the night before and all i had to do was give her the excuse to come by my home. she finally agreed and i served her some scottish trouser sausage while she gave me her booty buffet. when we were all fucked and sucked out she served me my meal and i had her go back in the kitchen and bake me some cookies in the nude.
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