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you know, the more i hunt milfs and put them up on the web, the more you guys get to know more about me. by now you guys know i am well versed in martial arts. you guys know i am into motorcycles. etc. etc. but i bet you guys didnt know i was pretty damn good at drawing with pastels. evie is a model i met the other day
and while i was working my magic and secruing the hunt, she mentioned how she was a part time model and how it helped her make ends meat for her and her child. right away i lowered the boom and asked to pose for me. it worked like a charm. once we made plans for her to come over, i tore my garage apart looking
for some of my old sketchbooks and got me some new art supplies. she posed for me and the trap was set. a couple of sketches later and after some
good conversation she finally agreed to take a break. she posed nude for about an hour or two and then i took her inside for a little break. i broke her
off with some dick and smothered my cock with her big natural tits. i got some pastel markings all over my hands but she got the man gook all over her face.
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