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girl's name: brooke / update name: she's_the_boss
hunter here once again bringing you the best milf prey america has to offer. i saw brooke pass by me while i was having a drink with my buddy ficus. she was the career woman type and i knew i had to impress her before she would even give me the time of day. i pretended like i was some famous sculptor and began commenting about some metal piece of shit displayed right by the bench she was sitting at. i told her i made it and how i was just showing it to a friend of mine. from there the ice was broken and she told me how she owned her own business and how much she enjoyed having the flexibility to do whatever she wanted to do. since she did not have to stick to a schedule i challenged her to come back to my place for a quick drink to see if she could really just do things on the fly and be spontaneous.
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