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this week on money talks, we continue our usual street shenanigans, beginning with the unthinkable. we found this crazy guy that had a tattoo that covered most of his face and convinced him to belly flop into one of the most disgusting rivers in america, hudson river. then we decided to recreate one of our favorite 80s movies, with a little street bit we like to call three men and a pizza. after that we ran into a girl on the street that actually agreed to lick a grimy subway pole. we also grabbed a little hottie walking down the street and got her to show us her sweet ass tatas. then we found two friends and convinced them to let us give them a ridiculous guido makeover. the real meat and potatoes of this update is the sex. this week we walked into a local jewelry store and told the hottie behind the counter that we were looking for our special someone. what she later found out was that by saying our special someone, we really meant our cock. dont miss a minute because this weeks update because it is hot.
we don't have porno stars...these guys do!!!

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