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in this episode of money talks, we pick some of our favorite viral internet videos and revisit them with a touch of money talks style. first up, we plant a giant vagina on the beach and ask unsuspecting people if they can guess what it is. then we comb through decades of news archives and come across a very interesting story about an 8 ton vagina that washed up on the beach. after that we just get plain silly, and get a little hottie to come back to our studio and show us some moves from are favorite epic sci fi flick. then we grab a newlywed couple on the beach and pay the groom 500 bucks to finger bang our friend nikki, right in front of his new wife. his wife isnt going out like that, so she showed us her pussy for some extra dollars. at that point, this newlywed couple is willing to do anything for cash, so we convince them to come back to our place for some hot threesome action, dont miss a minute.
we don't have porno stars...these guys do!!!

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