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girl's name:  harley
update name:
taxi cab cumfessions

this week we got it all. hot girls making out, hot girls kissing, hot girls flashing, hot girls squirting, hot girls riding the sybian. did i mention we had hot girls. this week we had our boy everest the cab driver let us ride around with him and surprise his clients with crazy ass ideas. but in the end we were the ones that were surprised...one by a girl who turned out to be a squirter and two by every1 else who actually did what we asked for money. my favorite has the be the girl riding the sybian she was so freaking hot i was gonna ask her to ride me instead, but she said she wanted to stay faithful to her boyfriend. bummer. we also got 2 hotties 69ing each other and one of them even let josh hit it. we got a girl trying to put make up on while everest drives around at ridiculous speeds. we even have a dude pluck pubic hair from his boys nuts and then floss his teeth with them. overall this is a definite must see episode. click here to see it all!