girl's name: victoria / update name: project_runway / movies: 95 minutes / pictures: 995 pics
this week we did it big willy style. this is yet another classic episode. we start you with a monumental first in moneytalks history with a dildo flag action. what the hell do i mean you will have to see it to find out. it still amazes me. also sprinkled in there is a worlds first...segway jousting. an instant classic...must see. then we have a runway show. its one of every mans dream to bang a model. and we didnt quite do we did get to see them get fucked. better than nothing huh. it was fucking awesome we got them to 3 way with a male model and saw just how loose these models can be. the runway show itself was a treat. seeing the models get banged was even better...  you cant pass up on this trailer!!!  its outta control!   click here to see it now!
cum see what these two models will do for money!!!
these two girls really know how to run-away wildly!!!
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