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jessie voft | prime time
my little sister took off and left me to take her french exchange student friend back to the airport. i do not know why she could not have done it herself, but i am glad she did not. i went in her room to make sure she was ready. jessye was still packing and looked real sad. i asked what was wrong, but she did not want to tell me. she was shy at first. it took her a minute to say what was on her mind. i was kind of surprised when she said it, and i told her maybe next time she was here it could happen. she did not want to hear that and grabbed my cock. she was not letting go until she got what she wanted. she pulled it out, and we went at it. her pussy was so tight and wet. it puffed up with pleasure as i was eating her out! i was hitting the back of her pussy when she told me to fuck her in the ass. i never would of thought this sweet student was so naughty. she took my whole dick inside her ass, and she was loving it. i hope she visits again real soon because i want to fuck her a lot more! >click here for more
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