milf: phoenix update: hooked on phoenix
the hunter was really excited about getting his suit hemmed for this wedding crasher idea he had. phoenix came recommended from a buddy of his, so we knew it was gonna be an interesting time. she shows up. wow. this woman was bad. great big tits and long legs with ass to boot. came on in and asked the hunter to strip. haha. amazing. this was gonna get fun quick. while measuring the waistline, phoenix almost catches a mouthful.... click here for the full video!

milf: kylie update: stick it and lick it
kylie was telling us how she had a hot latin lover from spain that she wanted us to met. we told her it was about time she shared him and stopped keeping him to herself. she agreed and she called ramon over. he came to watch us undress and lick each other. he was not allowed to touch at first, but then we gave him full access. we took turns riding his cock to our enjoyment.... click here for the full video!
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